Lucky Stream Limited, the operators of and (hereinafter “Lucky Stream”) has informed the Malta Gaming Authority (‘MGA’) that it has decided that, until further notice, no more bets will be accepted and that all activity being operated through and will be suspended.
All the current active player accounts are being terminated with immediate effect, and all funds standing to the credit of player’s account will be remitted back to the respective player, in accordance to the provisions of the Remote Gaming Regulations.
If by the 14 February 2018, we are unable to transfer all the funds to the players as aforesaid, we shall publish a further notice with the procedure that we shall apply in respect to such balance.
If you have any questions, please get in touch with our customer care team.

You can login to your account and withdrawal funds from your account
The Playbet team

Depositing via Skrill

Skrill is an “e-wallet” account that once opened by you can be funded and then used to transfer funds to Playbet. An “e-wallet” is similar to a traditional bank account except that it is entirely web based and much simpler and faster to open than a traditional bank account. You can use your Skrill account at hundreds of different websites and you can use it to transfer funds to other Skrill account holders worldwide.

How to open a Moneybookers account

Go to

Click on Register and fill in the online registration form. Make sure you use the same email address registered to your Playbet account for your Skrill account.

Topping up your Skrills account with funds so that you can transfer them to Playbet is easy. Click here for a list of funding methods provided by Moneybookers and associated fees (some funding methods are free).

Depositing via Moneybookers is easy

Login to your Playbet account (if you aren’t already logged in).

Click on ‘Deposit’ button in the top of the screen.

A new window will pop up (make sure you don’t have any pop-up blockers enabled).

In the new window you’ll see listed all the available payment methods. Select Skrill as the depositing method.

Enter your Skrill account number (that is your registered Skrill email address), the amount you wish to deposit, confirm your Playbet password and click the submit button.

If Skrill approves the request, and your Skrill email address matches your email address registered in your Playbet account, the account balance in the latter will be immediately updated.

Things to consider

Skrill may require a once-off copy of an identity document and proof of address in order to satisfy their regulatory requirements.

Playbet does not charge you for making Moneybookers deposits at our site but depending on what methods you choose to deposit funds into yourSkrill account with there may be a small fee charged by Skrill.

Skrill does not share your personal details with Playbet but in instances where fraud is suspected Playbet and Skrill may cooperate to resolve cases.

Skrill is regulated by the UK Governments Financial Services Authority (FSA).


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